"You can choose to create a past... "
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Atanor - from the Arabic word "al-tannur" in medieval alchemy, the oven, where natural, mystic and spiritual transformation take place.

About Us


 Space we inhabit, surrounded by various old work, antiquities, or simply dear objects, as well as different interior with various subsequent periods layers. Our immediate environment is not always as well organized as we would like. But it can be changed by smaller or larger changes, depending on options. Before we want to change anything, it is desirable to become familiar with the previous information, to investigate and determine the further road of the restoration. You can reveal a lot of interesting surprises beneath thick layers as objects, as well as room interiors. The previously unknown wealth, both historical and artistic information can completely change the nature of the current environment, it can become personal, original, valuable, interesting and beautiful. 
We offer a variety of services, which are connected with restoration. 

 Shell is a symbol of the moon, because snail with its tentacles appears then disappears in its shell. Helix is forever growing and ever decreasing moon image and symbol of perpetual reinvention. 

Shell shape is compared symbolically with a spiral - the symbol of return and reconstruction.

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